Entryway in one of the most use area in your house. Not just the front door, it’s the area from where you enter in your house either from the side door or from your garage.

It is used by all of your family members, multiple time each day and everyday. It gets cluttered with purses, bags ,backpacks, shoes, coats and jackets as all of your family members are coming and going out of that hallway. So, it won’t be organized!  

House Cleaning Fremont is going to share some of their favourite ways to organize an entryway and how you can create space.


If you have an entryway closet in your house and there is a rod for hangers you must take it off and add some fancy hooks as the rod takes a lot of effort to hang your coats and jackets than it does to hang on the hook.

This is one of the thing that is easy for people to take care of their important stuff and it stays organized as well. You can use hangers for coats that are off-season and it won’t be needed for few months. Coats that are used on regular basis can be hanged on hooks.

Shoe Racks

To keep your closet well-organized you need to use shoe racks in order to store most of your shoes. Shoes that we are wearing on regular basis are mostly kept out of the closet or sit on the floor of the closet and the rest of them get put away on the shoe rack. Like this you are not required to do too much searching for the shoes you need to wear.


You can add shelves in your entryway if you are having enough space and you can use them to store your shoes, boots. Boots can be stored on the shelves. You can also shelf space to keep your grocery, mails and few other random things.

Key Tray

Nothing makes you more angry when you need to leave your house and you are unable to find something as simple as your keys. Make it your habit to put your keys and wallet in the key tray upon arrival at your house. Simple things can create a difference.


To give a modern look in your entryway you must use different pieces of rugs. As it is the most busy area in your house. It’s important to use welcome mats, rugs to handle the mud coming from shoes from each family member. Try to use rugs wool rugs, jute rugs and strong fiber rugs  that are easy to clean by the help of vacuum cleaner.