Your locally owned House Cleaning Experts

Our Story

We love our eclectic; center of the universe, Fremont community, and we couldn’t dream of moving away from our favorite Seattle neighborhood. And that’s why we’ve opened House Cleaning Fremont company to service our community (and surrounding areas).

Fremont is a beautiful mix of mid-century homes, condos, and everything in between, and every different type of home you’ll find here needs its house cleaning plan to make sure that the house cleaning products used are right for your home.

From full carpet to hardwood floors, home offices, or ¾ baths, we’ve seen all sorts of different home and home layouts. Which is why House Cleaning Fremont has a large selection of house cleaning supplies ready to handle whatever is right for the job.

Do you have an allergy or fragrance sensitivity? Let us know! We’ll call or email (as you prefer) before each house cleaning job to go over some of the details of your home (because older homes have different needs than modern construction), and you can tell us about those as well as any pets! We love meeting pets, and we have the tools to fight pet odor, stains, or dander! And we’ve got the house cleaning supplies for both of those!  

From apartments to 3 story homes, we’ll treat each client’s house with the same respect that we’d want our own home to be treated. It may be true that Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make our center of the universe feel a little smaller by getting to know our neighbors one house cleaning at a time.

So, if you’re looking to get to know House Cleaning Fremont specialists, email us (unless you want to call then, definitely call) to set up a house cleaning. We’ll look forward to getting to know you and seeing you around the neighborhood!