Let’s be candid—dorm dens aren’t famous for their spick and span or hygienic living circumstances, and to exacerbate matters, they may be minuscule quarters. Your average university dorm spans merely about 228 square feet, so if you’re bunking with a chum, you’ve each got roughly 114 square feet of living expanse. It may not seem like a vast area to spruce up, but keep in mind that snug spaces are also easier to muck up. Mastering the art of cleaning your dorm den in the proper fashion minimizes microorganisms, eases breathing, and a spotless dorm can even benefit your mental well-being.

If dorm existence is fresh territory to you, you could be taken aback at how hastily filth, gunk, and clutter can amass. And the more you delay tidying up, the more challenging it gets. Instead of stalling until your dorm den morphs into a catastrophic region, pick up the skill of sanitizing a dorm room and maintaining its state. With this nifty manual and pledging to a dorm den cleaning timetable, your dwelling will feel homely once more.

How to Spruce Up a Dorm Den

The method you cleanse your dorm den and the labor it entails hinge on whether you’re relocating in, departing, or if it’s finals week and your quarters are grubby. We’ll commence with what to do prior to settling in, delve into the details of reviving a dorm den, and ultimately wrap up with an end-of-semester tidy.

Sprucing up your dorm den before moving in

Although many college custodial squads sanitize and sterilize dorm dens before someone takes occupancy, it’s still wise to spiff things up before you start unboxing. Even if the chamber was tidied recently, dust and dirt might still have crept onto floorboards and other surfaces, and you can’t be entirely sure about its sanitation. Make the most of the vacant space and give it a once-over for a renewed beginning in your new nook.

Sweeping before moving in

The instant your dorm den transforms into a disarrayed catastrophe comprised of soiled outfits, crockery, and goodness knows what else, you’ve created numerous chances for repugnant scents, threatening mold, and harmful bacteria to enter and render your dorm den a fairly repulsive place. If this befalls you, here’s the lowdown on restoring it to a habitable state.

Consolidate and Clean

The best way to have your dorm den always battle-ready is to follow this checklist and distribute the tasks between you and your roommate so as to keep filth, grime, and bugs in check.

The Maids’ intimate knowledge of dorm den cleaning stems from years of practice, thousands of homes tidied, and tried and true cleaning approaches. If cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’ll snag an apartment next year, and then you can leave the grubby work to us with our apartment tidying amenities. Learn more about our range of cleaning services and wallet-friendly options to keep your home away from home in tiptop shape.