An unsightly ring emerges on the bottom of your beloved cup just as you are relishing the last drop of your favorite morning beverage, coffee. While that drink was certainly tasty, the tannins that give tea and coffee their flavor can also leave dark stains on dishes. Several coffee stains are manageable to eliminate, while others demand a bit more of your effort, depending on the mug’s material and how long the discoloration has set. 

If you have ever dealt with a coffee blemish, you can attest to how challenging it can be to eliminate the light brown hue due to the tannin found in coffee.   

It takes several counts of trial and error to get rid of a coffee stain. You may begin with the most basic House Cleaning alternative, flushing the mug with cold water. Now, if that does not work, try another House Cleaning approach. 

Acting in a breeze can make a significant difference in the ease of stain removal.  

Thus, the House Cleaning professionals of Fremont have looked up various House Cleaning means of coffee stain removal from your mug.  

Switch to Vinegar 

Another tried-and-true House Cleaning necessity is vinegar. Fill your cup halfway with distilled white vinegar, then fill to the brim with hot water to extract coffee spots. Allow the House Cleaning mixture to sit for a minimum of ten minutes so the vinegar can do its House Cleaning job. After soaking, use dish soap and a soft sponge to scour away the stains, then rinse. 

Scrub with Baking Soda 

If using soap does not work, try removing coffee stains from cups with your House Cleaning baking soda. Pour a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with ample water, then apply to the discoloration to produce a House Cleaning paste. Using a damp, soft sponge, scrub the stain. Baking soda’s moderate abrasive nature aids in the elimination of coffee stains from the surface. After you have finished washing, clean the mug thoroughly with clean water to eliminate excess baking soda. 

Denture Tablets 

Pour the mug with warm water added with a denture tablet afterward. Let the tablet fizz and work its House Cleaning trick. When the fizzing ends, drain out the water and give your cup a thorough scrub using a brush and warm, soapy water. After giving your cup a quick rinse with clean water, you may now fill your spotless mug with your afternoon coffee! 

Ice and Salt 

Grab some salt and sprinkle it onto the bottom of the mug. Next, pour a few of your crushed ice on top of the salt. Cover your cup with a couple of plastic wrap layers. Afterward, shake your cup powerfully. The coarse salt efficiently eliminates coffee stains without the use of harsh chemicals. Let your mug return to its former splendor after giving it a quick rinse with clean water. 

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