As those sun-soaked days and eternally slack afternoons begin to fade, it’s time to wave goodbye to summer and embrace the chilly gusts of fall and winter once more. The seasonal swap presents an opportunity for stress galore, from the chaos of back-to-school prep to ensuring that your humble abode is ready for the inevitable frozen tundra. If you’ve managed to dodge some of the annual spring cleaning tasks, the looming shadow of late summer chores may cause your blood pressure to rise. But fear not, for with the aide of The Maids and some expertly curated advice, you’ll be able to wind down smoothly without breaking a sweat.

The Significance of Late Summer Scrubbing: A Rival to Spring Cleaning. After spending countless summer days confined, blasting that trusty AC, and battling the relentless heat and humidity, your home eagerly awaits a late summer refresh. Over time, dirt, dust, pollen, and various pollutants have encroached upon your space and are now hellbent on causing trouble for those with asthma or allergies. As summer bids adieu, take advantage of the waning warmth to oust these allergens and prepare for the fall and winter seasons.

With some warmth still lingering, late summer is optimal for completing outdoor cleaning tasks before the cold rolls in. Contemplate projects that would be impossible to undertake once winter arrives, like scrubbing the grill until it sparkles for storage, or pressure washing your home’s exterior and patio. Seize the opportunity and wash your car, spruce up the yard, or tackle any other chores that come to mind to prep your home for cooler weather. Late summer is a prime time to cleanse your carpets, eliminating dust and grime by opening windows to speed up drying time and bask in the bonus of fresh air circulation.

Master the Late Summer Clean with These Checklists. To conquer your late summer clean, you’ll need a well-devised game plan and a meticulous checklist to have your home looking fresh and clean in time for fall. Here’s a lightning-fast list of things you don’t want to miss:

1. Ready Your Winter Arsenal. Late summer serves as a prime opportunity to unpack your winter clothes, shoes, and gear. Swap out your summer wardrobe for winter attire, keeping some warm-weather items on hand for any surprise sunny days. Store your summer belongings in lidded containers to protect them from dirt, dust, and moisture.

When transitioning between seasonal outfits, take time to declutter. If you didn’t wear certain clothes or shoes during the summer, consider showing them the door. Employ the same decluttering approach for unused or worn winter gear, then turn your attention to the kids’ closets before embarking on back-to-school shopping, avoiding unnecessary purchases.

2. Refresh the Fortress Before Hibernation Season. As fall and winter approach, view late summer cleaning as a spring cleaning revival. Your home has likely been sealed up to escape the scorching summer heat and now’s the ideal chance to give it a deep cleanse before winter sets in. Here are a few must-cleans for a fresher, healthier home:

-Wipe down between and under furniture cushions.
-Clean ceiling fan blades and housing.
-Dust high spots like door and window frames.
-Clean rarely-scrubbed areas in bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Perform some basic home maintenance to prepare for winter. After tackling dust and grime, winterize your home with a few straightforward tasks to keep it cozy all winter long:

-Inspect windows and doors for cracks, gaps, and worn seals.
-Replace HVAC filters and arrange a system check-up.
-Enlist The Maids’ help to make light work of carpet cleaning, window washing, and more.