Arranging your linen closet is a worthwhile House Cleaning task for more than one reason. Busting a linen closet into shape is easier than it sounds to make sure to follow a step-by-step plan provided by the House Cleaning Fremont that helps break down this potentially challenging House Cleaning task.

First, sort all of your towels and sheets to ascertain which are worth keeping and which should go to the charity. As you go House Cleaning, minimize yourself to three sets of sheets per bed, as few as three sets of bath sheets or towels, hand towels, and washcloths per person. It gives you one set in use, one set in the hinge, and one set in the closet, ready to use. 

Second, it’s time to start making sense of everything you’ve chosen to keep through House Cleaning. Group your linens according to the room. For everyday use and current seasons should be kept at eye level, the special occasion and out-of-season linen should be placed further away, at the top or bottom of the closet. Put the newly washed linens on top of the stack, and remove the other sets next from the bottom.

To keep them free from dust when House Cleaning, they can be stored in zippered bags. Before you storing items away, Housen Cleaning experts suggest labeling the cases with a marker so that you know what’s inside.

Third, give everything some air. Orderly piles are not sufficient: you should enjoy the soft fragrance of fresh laundry when you open your linen closet. House Cleaning Fremont gave tips to achieve this: Give the linens their place. Airflow is essential for the safe storage of most textiles. When stuffed in the back of the closet, the fibers retain more moisture, which attracts mold and mildew, and it could be permanently damaging. You need to take them out and air them every three months. House Cleaning experts advises preventing mustiness with baking soda, activated charcoal, or calcium carbonate. Place bags of pine, cedar, vanilla, or fresh lavender wrapped in cheesecloth in the back of your closet to enhance the aroma of your linens or softener strip, or use scented drawer liners after House Cleaning.

Fourth, to make the closet as functional as possible, you’ll want to customize it to fit your linens. If you have expandable shelves, House Cleaning experts want to recommend adjusting them to about 10 inches for sheets and table linen and 12 to 16 inches for towels. Leave 18 inches or more from the top shelf to the ceiling for bulky items such as blankets. And to be able to stash the laundry in your closet, consider removing the bottom shelves to make room for rolling laundry baskets or bins for easy House Cleaning. 

House Cleaning Fremont suggested to create extra details, such as pull-out drawers for your placemat compilation and linen napkins, or replace a closet rod and skirt hanger for your tablecloth and runner stash. The closet will work more efficiently when customized to your belongings.