Splitting up is never a cakewalk, even more so when it involves the termination of a cleaning contract. Breaking the ties with a professional acquaintance who’s tangled up in your domestic tidying shenanigans isn’t as black and white as one might think. Particularly when your scrub-and-shine expert works on a self-employed basis, things become even more convoluted. Accept the bitter truth that there is no painless way to let them go, and dive into these suggestions to make the process a tad bit easier.

If it’s the performance that’s driving you bonkers, rather than blindly opting for the good ol’ slash-and-burn treatment, articulate your concerns and discuss your expectations. Use this chance to offer them an opportunity to clean up their act and to craft yourself an elegant exit strategy in the meantime.

Give this a whirl: “To be perfectly candid, one reason I hired you was that I lack the time to beat my domicile into submission. A few spots are just not as spiffy as I’d hoped for, especially [point out the mishaps]. While I’m quite pleased with [these components], it’s the whole shebang that needs to be on a similar level to make it worth the dough.”

If it’s a financial conundrum, remember that everyone gets entangled in monetary quagmires from time to time. Though painful, this at least provides a more “forgivable” method for bidding adieu to your purveyor of cleanliness. The tough part comes when you know you’re nicking their bread and butter. Minimize the sting by giving them ample notice and offering to sing their praises to potential clients.

Try uttering: “I must inform you that I’ll be halting your services from [this date]. Your work has been the bees’ knees, but alas, I need to shuffle my dinero priorities for now.” Dread awkward chit-chats? By partnering with a licensed and nationally acclaimed cleaning company, homeowners can completely dodge such uncomfortable exchanges. These firms can effortlessly change their cleaning crews, to keep their clientele chirpy, whilst addressing employee issues behind the scenes. But if it’s appointing a domestic orderly that you seek, that’s an entire kettle of fish. Let’s start from the basics.