When you have a disordered closet, it can be a House Cleaning challenge to find the clothes you like to wear. Learn how to clean a closet from top to bottom through these House Cleaning tips from the House Cleaning professionals of Fremont. 

Decluttering Your Closets

As a primary House Cleaning step, House Cleaning Fremont eliminates everything from the closet. Keep your bed clutter-free and your room a bit clean to accommodate the contents of your wardrobe. Free up more space if you think you are running out of room. 

Thus, to arrange your closet, take each section out one at a time and lay them out on your bed to prevent you from going to bed until you have completed your House Cleaning task. 

Closet Cleaning

Physically cleaning your closet is a manageable household cleaning task. It is House Cleaning time to add your magic touch. Most likely, your closet reeks because it contains stagnant air and has carpet that gets little to no House Cleaning. In addition to terrible stink, you would also be uncomfortable. Fortunately, you have the House Cleaning opportunity to change that right now. Powder baking soda on your carpet and leave it for at least fifteen minutes to eliminate the smell from the carpeting.

Use the lavender essential oil or dried lavender to make natural sachets and place these inside your wardrobe and drawers to keep your closet smelling fresh and deter clothes moths.

Flip Your Hangers

House Cleaning Fremont recommends you turn back hangers to keep track of what you wear.

You can flip the hanger back to its original position as you wear each piece of clothing. Toss away any shirt or coat that still has a backward hanger at the end of your allotted House Cleaning time. You might find this House Cleaning trick tedious, but this House Cleaning hack will help you identify which items are merely consuming your closet space.  

Earn Money by Selling Your Old Clothes

It is possible to sell your used clothes in various places, from consignment shops to online shops. Determine what works best for you and create a bag of clothes that you want to sell. When you think you might be able to make a little money off of something, your willingness to part with it becomes more evident. Pad your pockets with extra cash if you decide to auction your clothes. 


Keep your clothes in your closet for as long as possible by utilizing this time to reorganize your closet. Sort your types of clothing and colors of outfits into various categories to make it much more manageable to decide what to wear to your events. Keep your clothes from moths and dust using your vacuum storage bags, a fantastic House Cleaning solution for storing clothes for smaller wardrobes. 

Make Sure Everything Is Neat

Maintain a clutter-free and clean wardrobe now that you have completed hard work. Every few months or so, declutter any unwanted clothing to make your next deep cleaning more manageable.