You do adore your pets, but trying to keep all of their shed hair tidied up keeps us on our toes. The most proactive House Cleaning thing you can do is groom them regularly. However, there will still be plenty of stray dogs ready to be caught by our favorite pair of pants.

When the lint roller is not cutting it, the House Cleaning team in Everett has a few labor-saving House Cleaning solutions for dog and cat shedding removal from clothes, upholstery, and carpets.

For Hard Floors, a Dampened Mop Works Well
  • Use a dampened mop since static electricity is weaker in humid environments if you reside. You will not get the electrostatic jumping from the brush, but a slightly dampened mop will pick up hundreds of dander. 
  • Using a wet mop will catch not only pet hairs but also various other unwanted items from your floor. 
  • When you dampen your mop with detergent or cleaner, you will be able to clean more. Various House Cleaning instruments have active elements that leave a dust-repellent finish, making it more difficult for hair to accumulate on the floor. 
Furniture Rubber Gloves 
  • When dealing with fur on furniture, many homeowners choose rubber gloves. 
  • Wearing Playtex gloves is the finest House Cleaning technique to remove cat hair from furniture and fabrics. 
  • Watch your furball grow as you rub the gloves in one direction. You get 98 percent of the time on the first swipe. 
  • Use a rubber glove to eliminate pet hair off furniture by rubbing it over the chair or couch, a House Cleaning expert in Everett adds. 
Dry Sponge

Use a dry sponge to assist ball up hair on furniture. It is more efficient for most people if it is slightly wet. 

Slip Coverings or Blankets

Using various fabrics to cover furniture and giving them a regular wash is a popular House Cleaning tip. 

Dryer Sheets 
  • Is your dog’s fur all over the place? Do you find yourself picking fur out of your clothes every time you leave the house? Do you need assistance eliminating pet hair from your couch? Dryer sheets are my go-to option for picking up pet hair. 
  • Keep some dryer sheets on hand to help with pet hair removal. 
  • Static clean sheets placed directly to furniture can also assist in the removal of hair from fabric, but they may leave a gleaming residue. 
  • Before using this tip for your furniture, carpeting, or draperies, you have to test it in an inconspicuous location. 
  • You can use a liquid fabric softener in a House Cleaning spray bottle filled with water. Spritz and wipe the surface.
Lazy Socks

If you notice mounds of pet hair on your kitchen floor in the morning or when you return home from work, “skate” around the kitchen in athletic socks. The benefit of this House Cleaning method is that it does not agitate the hair as much as vacuuming or sweeping can.