While it is used in preparing some food menus, vinegar can account for various House Cleaning tasks that you carry out to sanitize all things you have in your respective home!

Due to its acidic attribute, vinegar assures you to overpower any germs and filths stuck in the belongings that you heaped!

In this House Cleaning article from Fremont, you learn to use vinegar in cleaning your stuff, and not only that, but you also learn to use vinegar to sanitize different house parts as well.

1. Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen basins.

Bathroom and kitchen basins are by far got germs that bring illnesses to your entire family.

Thus, you clean it thoroughly by using a solution of vinegar and water to extirpate germs.

You mix the vinegar with water and spray the mixture to your bathroom and kitchen basins to throw out the germs and filths.

Afterward, you gently wipe them with a dry piece of cloth.

2. Cleaning your fridge’s parts.

The function of a refrigerator is for storing food items that you have bought for future needs, House Cleaning professionals recommend sanitizing your refrigerator regularly.

In House Cleaning your refrigerator with vinegar and water mixture, you have to ensure that it is disconnected from any electrical source properly.

Then you immerse a piece of cloth in the solution of vinegar and water and wipe your refrigerator’s all removable parts with it.

Take note: you need to detach various parts of your refrigerator such as the interior parts and shelves before cleaning it with the solution to avoid any flaws.

3. Removing the unwanted odor in your laundry.

Because of some weather disturbances, your laundry does not directly dry even if you hang it properly. They become humid and give an undesirable odor. Immersing your damp laundry to the solution of vinegar and warm water for one hour removes the unwanted odor and will be replaced by an alluring smell. A House Cleaning tip to remember!

4. Sanitizing your comfort room.

Due to excessive use of comfort room, it becomes more vulnerable to get some filthy objects, right? Making this House Cleaning chore a pain!

The toilet bowl is the part of the comfort room that mostly got filthy.

To address this concern, the House Cleaning Fremont team advocates preparing a mixture of warm water and distilled vinegar in a typical basin and uses this solution to get rid of the grimes in the toilet bowl.

First, pour the mixture into the toilet bowl Then, let it penetrate to the surface. Lastly, wipe up the toilet bowl with a synthetic-made brush.

5. Do you want to make your bathroom socially enticing? You can employ a mixture of salt and clear vinegar.

The House Cleaning experts suggest plunging a cloth or scrubber into the mixture and you scour faucets and various stainless-steel accessories before bathing them off with water.

With those methods mentioned, the House Cleaning Fremont is much pleased in helping you clean your valuable belongings and sanitizing various essential parts of your house using vinegar too!